Why I hate Facebook, or: How did I end up with such a shit-filled feed?

Angry rant ahead, so buckle up….

I’m this close to shutting the door on Facebook in its entirety. No-one seems to give any thought to the things they share publicly anymore. Yes, going on there and telling the world (or select friends/victims) your troubles and woes goes with the territory of social media. Deep down inside, we’re all little attention whores.  We are, really…we want to draw notices to ourselves and the things we have chosen to champion and demonize. We want people to care about us, and to care about the things we care about. We want them to hate the things we hate. We want to be remembered, but not for anything more important than what we’ve thrown up all over our profiles. This has to be true, otherwise we’d all be out riding bikes and reading books and engaging our children instead of being online throwing down link after link like it was the end of the world. True, not all of us are as extreme as I have just portrayed, and yes the tragedy of myself being comparable to those very things is not lost on me. No, it’s not ironic, it’s tragic. Go look up the goddamned definition of irony. Oh wait, that would take some effort and thought, so here, let me throw a snippet down for you…




a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

[Sorry, Alanis Morissette didn’t do the world any favors by misrepresenting irony.]

No, not everyone is as bad as all that. Some people pop on Facebook here and there, dropping little updates and info that they think others would find useful or amusing, not drowning your feed in effluvium. Then there are those bastards that live on Facebook. Some people like to keep others in the know about important news or events, kind of like an amateur version of CNN, constant updates. Then there are those that just throw whatever random shit they read today out there for all to see, not taking any time to think about whether or not it’s really worth throwing out there. Most of it’s pretty fucking horrific. I touched on it briefly in a previous post.

The world is a shit-tastic place right now. We ALL know it. We can feel it in the back of our heads and inside our chests every day. Fear-mongering, hatred, paranoia…the list may not be all that long, but it has all the best (worst) things on it. Children being molested and murdered, or killed by sheer incomprehensible negligence or indifference. People being beaten or killed for not being like the other people, whoever the hell they are. It’s like being submerged in a world that just wants to make a Sith Lord out of everyone. This is the shit that makes the news. Television, radio, newspapers and websites all need to get us to eat this wonderful shit-pie, and I get it. I understand it. And you know what? There’s a place for all that, oddly enough. Its place is on  the nightly news, in newspapers, and news media websites. [Notice the use of the word news?] If we want to know about all the horrid, malign shit going on in the world, we know where to get it. What we DON’T need is for this shit to flood our SOCIAL media websites. There’s fear a-plenty to go around out there, can there be at least one place where this shit isn’t shoved in our faces? Why do we feel the need to share this crap on Facebook? Why do we feel the need to share every horrible article and image? The only guess I have is a multiple choice guess, either:

A: These people aren’t smart enough to realize that some of the things they post are rather graphic/disgusting/disturbing, and fail to realize it may be upsetting.
B: These people are smart enough, and have a misguided notion that others want to see these kinds of things.
C: They are smart enough, but have a callous disregard towards everyone on their “friend” list. or
D: They are deliberately cruel and want others to be unsettled/disturbed either for their own enjoyment, or so that they are not the only ones suffering.

None of those options are good, and two of them are bad enough for me to seriously reconsider their inclusion in my “friends” list, assuming I even want to remain on Facebook.

I hate to think that the issue has more to do with the quality of the people in my friends list than with society as a whole, but I have to imagine that this is being done by a small percentage of Facebook users. I really only have a small sample of the national/global population to judge by, so perhaps this is more of a local phenomenon? I’m not sure. All I know is that every time I want to open Facebook, I hesitate because I know I’m going to see something horrible. It shouldn’t feel that way when you want to check in on people you like, or kind-of know.

I’ve cut people out of my life before, and when the reason is good, or at least justifiable, I don’t feel so bad about it in the end. Sometimes it’s just a thing you have to do, sever ties and move on. This is starting to feel like one of those times, only on a massive scale. Too many poeple in my feed are throwing this shit around like a pack of crazed monkeys, and I’m sick of it. I’ve lived a life inundated with negativity, and I don’t need any more fear, disgust, or hate than what life throws at me on a daily basis.

I think it’s time to start cutting.


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